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Why Do You Need Corrosion Protection For Your New or Late Model Vehicle?

. . . The Answer is Simple – Salt Salt Salt

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We know that your vehicle is an important part of your everyday routine. You need it for work commutes, errands, and for recreational purposes. That is why we offer prompt cleaning services. You'll be driving off in your shiny, beautiful vehicle sooner than later.

Improve your nighttime vision by having your headlights cleaned.

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Without undercoating your vehicle, Paint is your Only Protection Between Your Vehicle's Undercarriage and Road Salt!

With extremely heavy road salt usage in the Upper Midwest - 4 tons per lane mile annually - doesn't it make sense to add corrosion protection to your vehicle?


The only way to repair the damage caused by rust is to replace the parts on your vehicle at an expensive body shop!  




Most vehicle warranties only cover defects in materials and workmanship – they don’t protect against rust!


Protect your vehicle with warrantied protection against rust through from road salt, acid rain, and corrosive materials. Wisconsin is one of the worst rated states in the U.S. for road salt exposure.


Capitol Car Cleaners proudly features corrosion protection by Z-Tech!


Backed by a Fully Insured Written Warranty

New Vehicles - 10 Year Rust Perforation Warranty

*Pre-Driven Vehicles - 6 Year Rust Perforation Warranty

*Current Model Year Plus (3) Previous Model Years

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Corrosion Protection undercoat applied to your vehicle’s underbody protects against abrasion and corrosion.  Also helps to deaden road noise.


Corrosion Protection innercoat is applied to inner panels through existing access holes.  - - No Additional Holes are ever drilled into your vehicle’s body panels!

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